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Climate Change Impact on The Himalaya

In many ways, the Himalayas have their own uniqueness, features and beauty, so that every desire to learn about it and travel around it. More often, it is termed as the third pole of the world, being snow covered through number of years and have number of snow glacier.

Mustang, itself lies in the trans-Himalaya, known as Kingdom of Lo with following features:

  1. Religion: Buddhist , Hindu..
  2. Major settlement of lowa indigenous, Thakali and others.
  3. Beautiful landscape and geographic features

Mustang is being popular among tourist destination in Nepal because of:

  1. culture and tradition of indigenous people
  2. Famous places like Jomsom, Kagbeni,Muktinath, Lo-manthang, Tsarang and Choser
  3. Religious site like Ghargompa, Damodar Kunda and sea amminote (saligram)
  4. Desert of Nepal

Climate change means change in weather pattern for long period of time. The impact climate change has resulted:

  1. Increase in temperature.
  2. Untimely snow fall, more snow fall or no snow fall
  3. Prolonged rainy season or more rainfall, unlikely falling of hailstone.
  4. Delay in flower blossoming
  5. Off seasonal fruits and flowers in plants.
  6. Appearance of species of insects that are usually seen in hot climate or areas.
  7. Disappearance of local wildlife species or decrease in their number
  8. Decrease in number of wild flora and fauna
  9. Decrease in agricultural production.

In recent years, climate change impact in Mustang could be noticed clearly. Apple farming, has been kick off in Upper Mustang that clearly depict the change in temperature, environmental condition resulted from Climate Change. There is less production of apples in apple capital (Marpha), Lete etc. In fiscal year 2016, 4,4oo metric tonnes apples  were produced, which is less than fiscal year 2015 (4700metric tonnes) as per agriculture department of Mustang (via Kathmandu Post).

Climate change is a global issue. Many organizations are being involved to solve issue of climate change and to reduce its impact. They have been launching different programmes in different  ways like street drama,short video, in photography,in news and radios etc.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project, establishment in Mustang is actively involved in nature conservation and environmental sanitation making local people aware about different subject matters. Some of the programmes launched  by ACAP are as follows:

  1. Mobile health camp
  2.  Trees Plantation
  3. Skilled based and income generated training programme
  4. Publication of text book about natural resources and environmental sanitation.
  5. Green Force Club is all about leadership programme initiated by ACAP at school level to make student more responsible.

Department of Agriculture of Mustang, running different programme at different level such as off-seasonal vegetable cultivation, seed or fruit storage and  modern way of farming. They are making people aware of organic farming.

In this context, all the time we needn’t to depend on others. We can do our best to reduce impact of climate change. Some of the activities that can be done by individual to save the nature for future generation:

  1. Environmental sanitation and waste management.
  2. Minimize the use of plastic bags
  3. Consumption of organic food.
  4. Use of organic fertilizers
  5. Preservation, conservation and promotion of natural resources.
  6. Afforestation

Being high illiteracy in Upper mustang (between age of 25 or above), it is very essential to attend informal education run by Ministry of Education.

Education prepare you to become idol for next generation. Don’t compare yourself with others. Open Your Book, Book will Open Your Mind




International Literacy Day — THE NEXT

“Land of peace and beauty where I grew up, Enjoying a life on the lap of motherhood. Now I could feel changes because of education, Seeing prosperity and comfort in people’s livelihood.” Images from Twitter #InternationalLiteracyDay Every year we celebrate 8th september as International Literacy Day. It is very special day to celebrate as well […]

via International Literacy Day — THE NEXT


International Literacy Day

“Land of peace and beauty where I grew up,

Enjoying a life on the lap of motherhood.

Now I could feel changes because of education,

Seeing prosperity and comfort in people’s livelihood.”

Images from Twitter #InternationalLiteracyDay

Every year we celebrate 8th september as International Literacy  Day. It is very special day to celebrate as well as to involve people in educating their mind for betterment and welfare through motivational or inspirational work, speech, drama and empowerment.

Every individual realize that education is only way to bring change in life. Nowadays, elderly people are seeking for education and are attending school. They are fulfilling their dream that didn’t fulfill due to geographical and cultural barriers. There isn’t difference in educated and uneducated when we observe surfacely. However, there is a difference which not merely resulted from going to school but because of passion, punctuality, compassion, hardworking and experience.

Besides learning how to read and write, there are number of reasons why your children must go to or send to school on time:

  1. To develop communication within community and outside
  2. To learn about own culture and tradition and its good aspects
  3. To become mentally, physically and socially or economically healthy.
  4. To know about own wills, skill, strength and passion
  5. To know about own right and duties
  6. To explore world with your vision
  7. To show empathy and maintain social harmony, unity and progress.

On this day, world is celebrating international literacy day with varieties of programmes related to achievement, progress, performances, missions, awareness campaigns, rewarding achievers and much more. In exception, children or people in remote areas are deprived of quality education, health and other basic needs. Really, it feel joy and excitement to celebrate special day among friends, teachers, great personalities and educationist and dreaming to see such days in remote areas.

In cities, there are number of schools, colleges and campus where students can enroll selecting good ones. But in remote everything are in few number and in decline conditions. Let’s analyse why remotes areas are still backward in every fields, while every people are talking about decentralization and globalisation as well as free primary education:

  1. Lack of skilled and educated human resources.
  2. Frustration and social and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Lack of awareness regarding education
  4. Lack of educational background and skilled or job oriented education
  5. People mentality and social perspectives

There isn’t environment for those educated who are willing to work in order to bring change in the society. Our education is only confined with individuals well being, benefits, money and power. There isn’t respect to those who deserve, instead people are showing respect towards money. It doesn’t mean to all, because within same society there are also people who talk and work for social welfare and development of society and country. So, we have to celebrate education day among children, parents and well wisher of remote areas too. It is time not merely to count how much we spend money on education but also to carry about analysis and research on educational environment, accessories, materials, academic programme, infrastructure, human resources, achievement and results. The first priority should be given to skilled and job oriented education and technical education. Education must be skilled based education rather than content based education.


Education & Development


Now world has become global village. We can study and know geography, biodiversity and sociology all around the world just looking at the model of the earth, “GLOBE”. Besides the exception, each and every part of world are connected via internet, social medias, airways, transports and sea route.In a history we have only one satellite (natural)  called “Moon”, now there are number of artificial satellites which are depicting world activities and studying about outer space. Due to advancement in science and technology we have all in one ranging their number or position as per advancement, quality and paid penny with different names and version. It has made our life much more easier driving us to live complacent life. By observing and analysing day to day life, I create mentality to write a article on GLOBALISATION in THE NEXT.

Globalisation is process of going to a more interconnected world. Business Dictionary states that “globalisation  implies the opening of local and nationalistic perspectives to a broader outlook of an interconnected and interdependent world with free transfer of capital, goods, and services across national frontiers”. In simple words, our access to different branded products, goods, automobiles, technologies, international trade and means of communications is a globalisation. Globalisation has brought inter-dependence in economic development among countries, strength in diplomatic relation, employment opportunity and free trade access. Moreover, it has open gate to explore culture and traditions all around the globe. It is very essential to boost the economy.

In every place, there is certain impacts of globalisation. Due to globalisation, latest technologies, products, goods and so on are available in every place. It has brought world economic status at place with more or less impacts when there is descending or ascending of economic condition of one or more countries. What are basic requirement to make advantages from globalisation:

  1. Skilled communication
  2. Manufacture of local products from local commodities
  3. Well planned business strategy and market analysis.
  4. Knowledge of  language of related countries or place.
  5. Long term vision and
  6. Standard diplomatic relation and border security.

Nepal is country in between two giant economic countries China and India. After huge earthquake and border blockade between India and Nepal, Kaligandaki Corridor gain its popularity being nearest and easiest trade route between China, Nepal and India. So, it is resulted due to globalization. Every year, in the border point of Nepal and China (Kora La ) trade fair held for two times, during which local trader remain busy with importing different Chinese products and exporting local products like wools, flours etc in fewer quantity. I never been there, however when I analysis market policy of China and Nepal, there is a huge difference. There isn’t proper infrastructural development and government plans or policies, while people are seeking for standard life and profitable trade fair. It might be best time to meet people, see the chinese products and borders, make some money setting tent hotel just waiting or counting days to sell or export Nepalese products to China.

In every shops and markets, I can see different types of chinese products like cold drinks, hard drinks, noodles, sweets, ceramic cups and furniture etc. Learning something new and making effort to duplicate chinese products using own commodities, people of lo are struggling for quality education, health services, better road connection and communication. It is best part of us to work, unite,collaborate and doing something new for change. We have everything, our culture and tradition and resources that can change our life.

Globalisation has changed our mother tongue ( Tibetan dialect) to Lowa alphabet,  people are often seen speaking Nepali (national language). Youth are fluent with foreign language and are able to explore the place and culture or tradition around the world. Now and then time has arrived to learn Chinese language and culture and tradition. Maintaining and preserving our own cultural, tradition and language, time has arrive to learn something new and essential to taste benefit of globalisation.

In addition,globalisation has made rich people more richer, poor people more poorer. There is a gap between rich and poor people. To reduce this gap, quality education must be access to people of all level.


Culture & Tradition

I am Buddhist and ?

I am Buddhist because of not merely I was born in Buddhist family but also what Buddhism as a religion teaches us. My religion never say what I should follow either Buddhism or Hindu or Christianity or Muslim or the next.  However our great religious King 14th Dalai Lama just teach us to practice compassion, non-violence and be kind as you can.

I can travel all around the world with message of religious harmony, peace and unity. I needn’t to say I am Buddhism or Hindu. In fact, my work, attitude and behaviours towards other and wildlife, just prove whether I am religious or not. We have got number of name given by parents or priest, but every human being have same in every context with much more dependable and believable aspects the blood “RED”. Neither black people have black blood nor white people have white blood. Its just a color that we see, feel and show response. Or in biological term just pigment called “Melanin” that bring the darkness in the skin.

When I asked my mom to stop old tradition that need much more finance in absence of what we expect and one have to do as compare to past. She replied me,” It is our identity,culture, tradition and ways of living that keep us way from bad omens and incidents or accidents or news. It is not only done for individuals welfare but also for well being of all species in our surrounding”. Yes,really if it feels happy, delighted and dream come true just by burning a butter lamp, why should we avoid that. If just smell of junipers or aromatic plants coming out when it is put on fire can wash way the sin or bad aspects. Then there is not reason to stop it. In village, if people are being irritated by rats, they burn aromatic plants or junipers plant on auspicious occasion with faith that will get vanished or will reduce in number. Hence there is n’t need of poison or pesticides  or insecticides that affect environment.

This is all about what our religion has taught today. In addition, there are number of activities that are considered as committing a sin:

  1. Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarette in public or anywhere.
  2. Killing animals or cutting plants with no reason or for fun.
  3. Destroying ancient monasteries and gompa or stupas.
  4. Teasing elderly people and people with physical or mental abnormalities.
  5. Not obeying or following religious norms and values.

There are certain religious norms and values that really plays vital role in environmental conservation, protection and also in environmental sanitation. Knowledge, wisdom and intelligence of tantric teachers and herbal doctors are unbelievable and just a fantastic. Usually, in our society when people fell sick or get involved in accident, they seek for treatment  from herbal doctor and ask tantric teachers or Lamas to perform special puja. It is religious faith and ways to overcome the sorrows, indeed they are really helpful. Nowadays, herbal doctors are also being more scientific and modernized. Herbal doctors or Lamas along with their medicines, they give courage and create such mentality in patients that they could fight themselves with the diseases.

In Buddhism, what we practice is that how to maintain quality of environment and air. Meditation is the greatest aspects of Buddhism. One who being associated with Buddhism have to meditate for a long time to control over their mind roaming here and there with no purpose as well as to gain more confidence and versatility over the knowledge they have got. Moreover, we want freshness and good smell around surrounding just keeping neat and clean as well as burning aromatic plants like Junipers.

We believe that there is a God, and listen to his teachings and practice his philosophy to live happy, prosperous and co-operative life.

Nature and Environment

Environmental Sanitation

Environment is a surrounding where living things and nonliving things interact with each other for their survival on this earth. Water resources, stones, trees, bushes, grass and wildlife species are major components of the environment. Basically, environment can be categorized into two types: man-made environment and natural environment. For example, there are number of zoo, herbarium centre and aquariums which provide artificial environment for survival and breeding of wildlife species which differ from national parks, conservation areas,wildlife reserve and hunting reserve that provide natural habitat or environment for wildlife within boundary.

Words into Action

The word “Environmental Sanitation” is combined form of two words “Environment”and “Sanitation”. Sanitation includes activities like cleanliness, waste management and trees plantation which help or support to maintain quality and beauty of nature. Environmental sanitation plays vital role in the maintenance of natural environment and quality of air. Planting trees and waste management not merely add beauty and freshness to the environment but also protect individuals suffering from airborne or waterborne diseases.

Due to climate change and global warming, diseases carrier like house flies, mosquitoes or flies are easily being adapted in new environment. Nowadays we can see mosquitoes and unknown insects or flies in cold region of himalayas too. People are using different digital and modern equipment and having package food because of globalization. It has open opportunities to start new occupation just leaving their traditional occupation apart. Crops are being destroyed by new species of insects or pest. Then why environmental sanitation is important, I would like to share you a story of a village.

” Cow is national animal of Nepal and is often worshipped as a God. But we can see cows in many religious sites or areas just blocking road and leaving them behind without any care. So when there is no grass to eat in paved road, they eat garbage which ultimately couldn’t digest by their body. In a village, individuals have kept a cow. Although there is abundant grass and grazing areas, cows are often seen eating plastics or garbages that comes out of houses. Many of them, dies unexpectedly with no reason. After death, when we observe their stomach, we can see plastic being rolled inside the stomach. This reflect that there isn’t proper waste management in a village or even in the cities.”

Environmental sanitation is very essential. Every individuals think about how to maintain their own health, but hardly pay attention to environment sanitation. In fact,your health is being affected by your surrounding environment either directly or indirectly. So, it would be grateful, if you read and share this articles among others so that we can see change not only in words but in action.




Water resource and its conservation

Early human civilization is started on the bank of major river through series changes in behaviours. Once human learnt about lightening fire, they gather at place sharing hunting incident of a day (communication) and then they started painting on walls of caves. Now and then people live in modernized and digitized world. So, communication skills and communicators are very necessary. Here as a communicator, I have written piece of article in THE NEXT

Wild Yak in search of snow and water source in scorching sun

Water  is a life. Generally, water resources as we define is sources of water like rivers and rivulets, streams, ponds etc. Water resource is an indispensable part of our life as we need water for household purposes, irrigation and generating electricity. Two third of the earth is being covered by water. There are five oceans, seas, lakes and high mountains which are regarded as water reservoir and origin of water. Ice sheet of polar regions, often the high himalaya are known as third pole for being covered with snow all time.

Yes, everybody know importance of water. Will sources of water remain in same condition for the next generation. In my opinion, it is very important to make people aware of importance of water conservation and watershed conservation. No-one knows what will be the next guest either drought season or heavy rainfall or snowfall. So, it is very important to learn about water resources conservation.

Here is the picture of lake, which used to large and sources of rivulets or streams that reaches up to a village named Lo-Marang. During winter, Yak Haider from that very village used to live around vicinity because of lake and alpine meadows. It used to be covered with ice-sheet in winter and tadpoles were seen swimming under ice-sheet. Now and then it isn’t a lake anymore and just drying up because of global warming.

A Lake that is drying up because of global warming 


I have best childhood memories that still makes me return back to my home to do something. Playing hide-seek with friends, sliding down sloppy land being covered with ice-sheet and moving on the ice-sheet to across the river. It was really fun and memorable besides difficult geographical location and undigitized world. During snowfall, we really enjoyed playing outside and seeing wildlife descending near village, although we had to face eye pain just sitting in front fire in evening. Summer is much more beautiful because rainfall, greenery and fruits and flowers that are blossoming on the bank of river. We used to spend our time in bank of river just bullying our school. These were very interesting moment of my life.

Nowadays, there are a lots of changes being taken place there. I couldn’t differentiate between hilly and mountainous region. Everywhere is same, hotness, sparse vegetation and mountain with snow or no snow at all. Small rivers, rivulets and stream has lost their way before reaching the destiny, forage and thorny plants struggling with insects and warm climate waiting for snow and rainfall. It is lucky to say there is river flowing besides the village with beautiful sounds and giving hope for people to survive and irrigating the fields.

A river resulted from overflow of lake that is situated beyond the mountain and giving a life and hope…

But, the rivers don’t cover every land and villages. Due to scarcity of water, people are forced to move for resettlement in the nearby village. In addition to this, land topography of Mustang is prone to landslide and flood, so it is very important to address the problems created by the climate change and unplanned and unmanaged developmental activities. Once I have been to nearby village which is 3-4 hours from my village on horse, where people are irrigating their field turn wise with small river that takes a day to irrigate a field of  individuals. So far there are two villages in upper Mustang which are on the process of resettlement because of scarcity of water. So, it is time to make plan and policies for water and watershed conservation, so that villagers will remain at their own place happily forever.

Flowers that is blossom in high himalaya because of little rain and humidity.   

In conclusion, best word to say is that tourism industry and apple farming are flourishing in Mustang. People are giving much more priority on apple farming and vegetable growth. So, I think it is very essential to collaborate and unite for preservation,conservation and proper utilization of water resources.



Meet Yourself

Your personality is up to who you are,

that can be flourish with love and care.

No-one know secret that your life have to define,

Meet yourself to feel the beauty of sunshine…

Every day expecting sunshine isn’t possible,

you need to search for shadow and be humble.

Being yourself is something you must be,

and drive your life through path you want to be …

world is being closer day to day to travel,

meet yourself to choose the destiny that you desire.

Be the best, otherwise don’t be one that hurt the next,

Why to wait for opportunities, just meet yourself for the next…





Every one has a story to tell and share,

Being near to one who does love and care.

Do good and be good, If you can do the best,

Just keep on practising, to be the next.

Winners believe to be failure isn’t the worst

and always have plan for the next.

The Next is here to share that very moment 

and  a story behind every achievement.

No-one has courage to define who you are?

Just be yourself to know your dream and passion.

Not everything but do something you desire,

just being a person of hope and appreciation.