Human has long history of evolution, that from cave dwellers or hunter to those who lived in concrete building. Human civilization were started on river basins and where there is easily availability of water resources. Human has learned how to lit fire and now to live sophisticated life surrounded by modern tools and technology.

Those who used to travel around the globe for new discovery and expedition, now become synonym to space travel and new discovery. Moreover, people are shifting and travelling from one destination to another seeking better life, cultivable land and availability of resources.

However, there are some unpredictable reasons for human re-settlement. Besides, the beauty and warmness of homeland, people are seeking for new destiny to avoid danger and betterment of future generation. People are not satisfied and unhappy to leave their parental homeland and to see desertification of their homeland. Despite, better new destiny, they faces a lot of problems before the resettlement.

Due to climate change, people are being climate refugee. They are seeking their new destiny with more priority on water resources and education. The reason behind the climate refugee are water scarcity, ecological changes, desertification of land and flood or landslides due to unpredictable rainfall.

So, it is more crucial to take new step to tackle the difficulties. People must be aware of climate change and its consequences to step forward with plans and policies for conservation, protection and promotion of natural environment. It is better to maintain policy and habit of recycle, reuse and reduce.




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