Social media


As we are grown up today, many aspects of life remain unknown and undiscovered. The best things to appreciate in life is a best friends, brother, sister and relatives.

We are fascinated by technology and social media. Now electronic equipment or gadgets has become more indispensable part of life. Friendship that we have built up during school, college and university as well as childhood are being more closer and stronger via social media in absence of physical presence.

Our friend from any part of the globe can remain in touch and connected by means of social media.

While we are not in touch with family and relatives as well as friends, days and moments were remembered just posting memos or picture on our status of social media.

Social media has great impact on society that not merely it brings closeness but also advertising the products, providing or giving right information or news to the people.

While learning to step ahead, there comes a lot of opportunity along with obstacles. Social or e-crime, fake news, unrated posting and the hackers. are major obstacles that social media have to tackle with.

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However, the best things and to remain benefited is to use the right tools in right way. While writing something as my hobby and passion, I do feel responsible for own change along with others through right and effective information.

I take social media as a platforms to share the things. Social media, nowadays is the biggest platform for advertising, marketing and communication. To put one step ahead, there come number of things that must be considered.

For example, sound knowledge is required while using social media such as about privacy, social security and fake identity. While posting or viewing social feeds or updates there need guarantee of privacy and social security as well as truthness.

Social media can be best tool if it is being handled correctly and effective or informative way.



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