CLIMATE CHANGE is a global issue, that never let any nation being untouched from its impact. Water scarcity is one of major consequences resulted from climate change. People in remote areas are praying for snowfall and rainfall and in urban area are queuing for water. Water is mother liquor, in absence no life on living planet is possible.

Now and then WATER is in need of dollar and DOLLAR  is in search of water. In early days, I remember of buying Kerosene but today I buy a water with no guarantee of purity. Shall I called it, modernization or de-modernization. People assumed that if we paid a dollar for packed goods, there is no need of quality check and the date.

There is still need of cooperation between the DOLLAR and WATER. We dream a house of dollar but not a water at least. People are investing more dollar in constructions, technologies and to make life comfort. Urbanization, globalization and climate change has made realization that do something not only for own but to others who shares environment with you.

Not merely someone but everyone travel around the globe for better future destiny or a destiny for higher education, career opportunities and to live standard life and to educate oneself through knowledge and experience.

With aim of positive change in life; economic, social and educational status, every year people around the globe traveling from place to place.. It sound great for a achievers and the rest. There dream is with them and destiny too.

However expectation same, that is a success and impact his/her performance either in homeland or abroad. The achievement in any field by our brothers and sister, realize happiness, feeling of proud, dignity and nationality.

Nowadays, undergraduate and postgraduate students, are being involved in welfare and improvement of living standard of people of own homeland through initiative ideas, sharing knowledge and creating co-operative and mutual understanding among villagers. Whether you are in foreign land or in homelands, it is not subject matter to deal with here. But I would like to mentioned why we couldn’t fight and act for betterment of place that is in search of water, food and improvement in life. Lets be part of the INITIATIVE from where you are and by doing the assignment that you can do or perform.

The “earthrise” TV show by AL ZAZEERA network, has come up with global problems and issues along with initiative ideas, solution created by Indigenous people and improvement. It has been sharing global issues and solution inspiring and motivating people stand at own place and fight against the problems or issues.

“Group Up” Initiative of Asia Green City Singapore and founder, says something about how important is green environment and ecological balance. World Richest person Bill Gates has been investing a lot of dollar in Green Energy project and revolution. Image result for green energy project by bill gate


So, our dream is to deal with water scarcity and to cooperate for green environment and healthy life style . It is a message that the Next desire and want to share. With hope of your support and motivation to implement those thing into action, we conclude here with “GREEN ENVIRONMENT, HEALTHY EARTH”.






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