Nowadays, citizens of Federal Democratic of Nepal, are being busy with preparation for 31 Baisakh 2074 local election. People are excited to use their moral right to choose right candidate among the others mentioned in the ballot papers. Either leader associated with political parties or fresh free candidates are being involved actively involved in election campaign with their motto’s or goals.

Election is going to be held after long period of time. In addition to this, Election Commission of Nepal, has made the election much more inclusive and expecting or seeking a representative from woman and indigenous  as well as marginalized group of people.

Moreover, president of Election Commission of Nepal, has mentioned that,” We have doing our best to make election much more inclusive and with much more focus on woman and youth leadership.”

It is our right and also duty to cast vote to right representative who have knowledge, potential and capabilities to bring sustainable development throughout the country. A leadership must be socially responsible and knowledge and acquaintance with socio-economic background, sustainable development, quality education, health and rules, regulation and foreign policy.

I believe that ones should not select that candidate only as per  objectives that she/he has mentioned in the paper, but also seeing the possibilities and also potential and capability to bring words into an action. So, the decision should be made concise so that one shouldn’t regret seeing  his/her intention or work on later on.

In my opinion, I will vote or prefer to vote for a leader who have following objectives:

  1. Capability to address present issues and problem with great solution.
  2. A person with better plans and policies or program to minimize climate change impact
  3.  Employment opportunity with establishment of agro-industry, cottage industry and small scale industry.Image result for map of nepal with provinces
  4. Technical and quality education plus job and skill oriented education system
  5. Sustainable and eco-friendly development
  6.  Proper utilization, management and preservation of natural resources for the improvement of living standard of people

I hope your are excited to cast the vote with an enthusiasm and being responsible towards your future.





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